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Topic: FSI attends the 2023 Incubatenergy Labs Pitch Event, unveiling their Patented Real-Time Occupant Based DCV – The GHG Reduction Solution of our time.

Region: North America

Source: Feedback Solutions, Inc.


  • Incubatenergy Labs Pitch Event offers a game-changing opportunity to start-up organizations to allow them to present their empowering solutions to the world of utility companies. This gives these companies the chance at a partnership with one or more utility companies through a paid demonstration, furthering their goal of net zero in the future.
  • Feedback Solutions was offered an invitation to pitch their solution and explain their ‘secret sauce’ to some of the largest utility companies in the world. Their solution leverages best-in-class people counting sensors with its patented technology platform to continuously calculate highly accurate real-time occupant counts based on user-defined zones within a building. Their solution is compatible with all Building Management Systems and works with the existing HVAC equipment.
  • The Feedback Solutions team secured a place in the 2023 Incubatenergy Cohort that will allow them to showcase their patented real-time occupant count solution to participating utilities throughout a 4-month window. They will leverage these results to accelerate scaling across the United States.

The Incubatenergy® Labs Pitch Event 2023 provides a unique opportunity for start-up companies to showcase their innovative solutions in the field of decarbonization. The program is designed to offer maximum exposure to utilities from around the world, creating a platform for start-ups to engage with a diverse range of potential partners. Through paid demonstration projects, the companies will have the chance to demonstrate their cutting-edge technologies to utilities with the capacity and desire to scale their innovations. This program is an exciting opportunity for start-up companies looking to showcase their decarbonization solutions on a global stage while building long-lasting partnerships with utilities that share a common goal of reducing carbon emissions.

The Feedback Solutions team was selected as a candidate to pitch their solution at the event where David Whalley (CEO) unveiled their Patented Real-Time Occupant Count Based DCV – “The GHG Reduction Solution For Our Time”.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems account for over 40% of the energy consumption in commercial and institutional buildings and building operations overall are responsible for over 28% of global CO2 emissions. Many HVAC systems, particularly in legacy buildings, are notoriously inefficient – often ventilating based on a predetermined design occupancy versus actual population counts – running fans and equipment at or near 100% capacity and wasting energy heating and cooling excessive amounts of outside air even in extreme climate conditions.

Feedback Solutions leverages best-in-class people counting sensors with its patented technology platform to continuously calculate highly accurate real-time occupant counts based on user-defined zones within a building. This data is then communicated via BACnet/IP, cloud platform, or DDC controller – so ventilation requirements are optimized seamlessly in real-time based on actual occupant demand. These real-time adjustments reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%, reduce GHG emissions, and result in less wear and tear on critical HVAC equipment – all while meeting space ventilation requirements as per ASHRAE guidelines.

Feedback Solutions’ successful pitch sparked the interest of participating utilities, securing a paid proof of concept that will extend through the end of September 2023.

The pilot is expected to yield significant energy savings and GHG emission reduction, ultimately showing applicable parties that the implementation of the Feedback Solution is a critical component towards furthering initiatives to decarbonize the built environment and creating a sustainable future.

Previous installations have shown extraordinary results and positioned clients to be well-equipped for the ongoing pressures of government legislation, for example; Local Law 97 – An initiative pledged to address energy efficiency and emissions as a part of New York City’s plan to become carbon-neutral by 2050. “This solution is proven out. It will continue to produce significant energy savings, is scalable, and requires no maintenance or major retrofit.” SENIOR ENERGY MANAGER, NYU