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Feedback Solution’s real-time occupant count-based Demand Control Ventilation
– the GHG reduction solution for our time.

Our Solution

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems account for over 40% of the energy consumption in commercial and institutional buildings and building operations overall are responsible for over 28% of global CO2 emissions.

Many HVAC systems, particularly in legacy buildings, are notoriously inefficient – often ventilating based on a predetermined maximum design versus actual occupant counts – running fans and equipment at or near 100% capacity and wasting energy heating and cooling excessive amounts of outside air even in extreme climate conditions.

Feedback Solutions leverages best-in-class 3rd party people counting sensors with its patented technology platform to continuously calculate highly accurate real time occupant counts within an HVAC zone. This data is then communicated via BACnet/IP, cloud platform, or DDC controller as analog input values – so ventilation requirements are optimized seamlessly in real-time based on actual occupant demand. These real-time adjustments reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%, reduce GHG emissions, and result in less wear and tear on critical HVAC equipment – all while meeting space ventilation requirements as per ASHRAE guidelines.

Real-Time Occupant Counting

People counting sensors are installed in predetermined targeted zones. Data is delivered in real-time to the Building Automation System so that the HVAC equipment is optimized on a seamless basis.


POC Process

Pre Installation

  • Identification of Host Site
  • Information Exchange
  • Energy Consumption & Estimated Savings Calculations
  • Most Appropriate People Counting Sensor
  • Sensor Location Map Confirmed


  • Cabling
  • IP Addresses provided
  • Sensor & NUC Configuration
  • Sensor Installation
  • Calibration

Post Installation

  • Site Goes Live
  • Sequence of Operations Scripted
  • Trend Data/Meter Data Monitored
  • M&V Final Calculations
  • Project Report Finalized & Presented
  • Customized Space Utilization Reports and Dashboard Inputs Approved by Customer


  • Reduce Energy Consumtion & GHG Emissions
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Highly Accurate Space Utilization data
  • Reduce Wear & Tear on HVAC Equipment
  • Data Driven IAQ Strategy
  • Rich Data Set for Grid Management

Benefits to Our Solution


Lower Operating Costs


Reduce Energy Consumption


GHG Emission Reduction


Track Space Utilization


Reduce Equipment Wear & Tear




Ease of


CapEx & Attractive ROI


The Sensors

We utilize a number of people-counting sensor technologies. Particularly when there are privacy concerns, we use a ‘time of flight sensor’ installed above an entrance, that measures the time taken for a near-infrared light to bounce back after striking an object. Multiple beams are sent out to measure an array of distances, helping the device’s machine learning technology to build a layered 3D image of what it is observing. The sensor is installed above an entrance. This approach makes our solution “future-proof” in that we are compliant with all existing and anticipated privacy legislation. Our team also elects to utilize stereoscopic and radar based sensor technologies depending on the best fit, based on the customers site conditions.

Time of Flight


What the scene looks like from above


What the ToF Sensor Sees


What the AI Sees with Machine Vision

eu gdpr compliant logo
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the world.
  • The GDPR requires privacy by design.
  • Sensors do not have the ability to capture or record personal data.

How Does it Work?

  1. Feedback Solutions selects and procures the most appropriate combination of 3rd party people counting sensor technology for any given facility. This is an important part of our expertise! We can also use the raw data from existing sensors if a facility already has people counting sensors installed.
  2. Next steps include hardware installation, appropriate zone creation and assurance of the raw data’s accuracy. (We are able to produce highly accurate real-time occupant counts even when there are multiple entrances and exits, via the application of our proprietary intelligent algorithm running on an Intel IoT edge device)
  3. Zoned, real-time occupant counts are then delivered via BACnet/IP to the Building Automation System so that the HVAC equipment is optimized automatically, on a seamless basis.
  4. Data from IAQ (indoor air quality) sensors can also be layered into the BAS sequence of operations to provide the ultimate balance between sustainability and wellness.

Feedback works with the clients’ BMS supplier to define a new sequence of operations to modulate the fan speeds and damper positions to supply the required amount of outdoor air based on the actual ventilation requirement. These real-time adjustments reduce HVAC-related energy consumption by as much as 40%, significantly reducing GHG emissions and resulting in less wear and tear on critical HVAC equipment. This is achieved while meeting important ASHRAE guidelines and ensuring the required Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). This immediately deployable solution takes the pressure off of the need to complete deep retrofits to meet pressing GHG reduction targets.

Track Actionable Data Across Your Portfolio

  • Understand exactly how your facilities are actually being utilized and glean meaningful insights into patterns throughout the day, week, and month. Make informed decisions on staffing, security, and cleaning schedules.
  • Connect this infrastructure with your Building Management System and reduce your energy consumption and GHG emissions.
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