Unlocking the Potential of Retail Spaces: Leveraging Occupant Data for Efficient Space Utilization & Operations

Retailers and Shopping Mall owners have always been interested in how many potential customers come through their doors and when. This data is an important part of understanding the success of a promotion, the analysis of conversion rates and much more.

Feedback Solutions and its partners can provide this significant data along with extensive analytics reports and dashboard inputs. Importantly, our real time occupant counts can also be used to significantly reduce operating costs through the optimization of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems -reducing the HVAC related energy spend by as much as 40%. Our highly accurate space utilization data comes with an impressive ROI and payback period as a result.

Key Benefits

The benefits of implementing Feedback’s solution by big box retailers and shopping mall owners include:

  • Highly accurate (95%+) space utilization data, custom analytics and dashboard inputs.
  • Reduced operating costs. Great news for retailers!
  • Reduced GHG emissions – it’s good to be “GREEN”.
  • Retail operations are not disrupted by the implementation of our solution as we can complete our installation after hours. We can also often use the raw data from most people counting sensors if already in place.
  • Attractive ROI and payback periods even before increasing financial incentives from utility companies are applied.

Big Box Retailers and Shopping Mall owners get a lot more than space utilization data when they choose to work with Feedback Solutions. Our top notch utilization data and analytics comes with a reduction in operating costs, GHG emissions and wear and tear on critical HVAC equipment. We tick all of the boxes when our solution is fully implemented.


Sensor Location Map
– Retail

  • Zone VAV Occupancy Sensor
  • Full Floor Occupant Count

Track Actionable Data Across Your Portfolio

computer dashboard fsi
  • Understand exactly how your facilities are actually being utilized and glean meaningful insights into patterns throughout the day, week, and month. Make informed decisions on staffing, security, and cleaning schedules. Connect this infrastructure with your Building Management System and reduce your energy consumption and GHG emissions.
  • Connect this infrastructure with your Building Management System and reduce your energy consumption and GHG emissions.