Feedback Solution’s “real-time occupant count-based DCV” platform is a key component for HVAC optimization. The consistent results we achieve significantly reduce a facility’s operating costs and GHG emissions. Our technology platform can also attract significant incentives and can be an effective tool in avoiding increasingly prevalent GHG emission penalties.

Importantly, the highly accurate, real-time occupant counts that our software continuously calculates can be communicated via BACnet, cloud platform, OR DDC controller. This means that facilities that have rooftop units and/or air handling units but no Building Management System such as:

– big box retail stores,
– auditoriums,
– shopping malls,
– restaurants,
– cafeterias,
– libraries, and
– gymnasiums

can still significantly benefit from our solution. The implementation is highly cost-effective and is non-disruptive to the operations of the facility. It all happens seamlessly in the background. The achieved results have been excellent!