Higher Education’s Shift towards Sustainability: Paving the Way for a Greener Future

Universities and Colleges have multiple building types on their campuses that can be made far more energy efficient with Feedback’s hardware enabled software solution. Lecture Halls, Athletic and Common areas, as well as dining and administrative facilities can be excellent candidates.

The Feedback team will provide the most appropriate and cost-effective people counting sensors based on the site conditions in each building. The installation of this hardware can be installed after hours to prevent any disruption to the building’s operations. Also, students can also be assured that no personal data is being collected as all of the people counting sensors we utilize are compliant with General Data Protection Regulation legislation – the most stringent privacy protection regulations in the world.


Key Benefits

The benefits of implementing Feedback’s solution in campus buildings include:

  • Meeting important sustainability goals through significant GHG emission reduction. Today’s students are very interested in being “green”.
  • Avoiding increasing compliance penalties that carry both financial and reputational risk.
  • A reduction in operating costs – up to 40% of the HVAC related energy spend.
  • The provision of highly accurate space utilization data for the operations and planning teams.
  • Knowing how many people are where can inform decisions if and when first responders are required.
  • Budget friendly – low cap ex relative to many energy efficiency initiatives.
  • A solution that often attracts incentives from utility providers – greatly enhancing the ROI and payback period.
  • No privacy concerns for students or faculty.

The many stakeholders involved in campus decisions including: sustainability, operations, energy management, planning and asset management all find significant value in the implementation of the Feedback solution.


Sensor Location Map
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  • Zone VAV Occupancy Sensor
  • Full Floor Occupant Count

Track Actionable Data Across Your Portfolio

computer dashboard fsi
  • Understand exactly how your facilities are actually being utilized and glean meaningful insights into patterns throughout the day, week, and month. Make informed decisions on staffing, security, and cleaning schedules. Connect this infrastructure with your Building Management System and reduce your energy consumption and GHG emissions.
  • Connect this infrastructure with your Building Management System and reduce your energy consumption and GHG emissions.