The cost varies based on the scope of the project. We are able to implement our solution in a designated area, floor, or entire building. Our pricing model includes an upfront implementation fee and an annual software license and maintenance and support fee. Our CapEx light solution produces highly competitive payback periods.

We are able to reduce the HVAC-related energy spend of a facility by up to 40%. We achieve these savings through the reduced power needed for the ventilation fans as well as through thermal savings resulting from the optimization of the amount of outside air being heated or cooled based on actual occupant demand – rather than scheduling or an ‘estimate’ of occupant load.

The Feedback team utilizes the most up-to-date, best in class, 3rd party people counting sensor technologies including the most advanced ‘time of flight’ and ‘stereoscopic’ technologies. Sometimes we elect to use a combination of sensor types based on the customer’s site conditions and space utilization data requirements. All sensor platforms utilized are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation – EU) compliant so there are no data privacy issues whatsoever. We can often use existing people counting sensors if they are already in place in a facility.

We use our patented technology platform which includes our proprietary intelligent algorithm to produce real-time occupant counts that are 95%+ accurate even when a facility has multiple entrances and exits. Our IP allows us to provide occupant count data with an accuracy and reliability well beyond what the sensors are able to provide on their own.

Yes, all our occupancy and count data are BACnet enabled. The data is published over BACnet as an analog_input value so that the same can be integrated with the Building Automation System to control the ventilation rates in spaces. Our solution requires a single BACnet device ID to provide access to all occupancy data for a building.

Feedback Solutions can integrate with any Building Management System that supports BACnet/IP. Some of the BMS’s we have integrated with include Siemens, Honeywell/Alerton, Tridium, Johnson Controls, and Automated Logic. We can use gateways to integrate with other protocols too, if required using a gateway.

Yes, our customers can receive up to 10 customized data analytic reports and dashboard inputs at no extra cost i.e., we will customize reports to meet your specific needs.

No – we work with your operations team and your controls vendor to ‘script’ a new sequence of operations for the HVAC system utilizing the real time occupant count data. The final sequence of operations is 100% within your control. Your controls vendor then controls the system with a new, more granular, data set in conjunction with any existing sensor platforms.

No – the logic in the control sequence retains the same temperature set point parameters. With a more granular data set on the actual occupant based load, however, – the system will satisfy those temperature set points more efficiently.

We are happy to provide you with our presentation! Please feel free to contact us at We offer a POC (Proof of Concept) program to first-time customers.

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