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Like many others, we’re very concerned about rising GHG levels and associated climate change, and we know non-residential buildings are a significant contributor to these emissions. Globally, buildings and their construction together account for 36% of global energy use, and 39% of energy related carbon dioxide emissions produced annually, according to the United Nations Environment Program.

At Feedback Solutions we believe that the practice of energy conservation will increase with the availability of highly effective, non-intrusive, and low maintenance methods for facility owners and operators to implement. That is why we have developed a new approach to Demand to Control Ventilation utilizing our highly accurate real time occupant data. We use sensors with a mean time-between-failure of 25 years, and once configured, these sensors require no additional calibration.

When our occupant data is sent overBACnet/IP to the building automation system in real-time, ventilation rates can be optimized automatically, and 24/7, as the population of an HVAC zone goes up or down in these facilities. We do NOT capture any personal data with our solution, and so are compliant with all existing and anticipated privacy legislation – making our solution “future proof”.

While our core solution was created with the environment in mind, our client’s can also utilize our data to understand how their assets are used over the course of the day, week, or month. Our actionable data is the key to a new approach to demand control ventilation – but also provides facility teams the highly valuable ability to make better informed operational decisions overall.

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